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Sustainable Energy Consulting
Our Passion, Our Future

Industrial Solar Power Supply Design

Design of solar power supplies for lighting, monitoring, communication, corrosion protection equipment and services in remote areas.

Solar Grid Battery Systems

Design of solar systems with automatic backup of essential appliances during mains failure.

System design

Experience with designing on & off-grid solar and wind power systems for domestic and commercial applications.

Council applications for elevated frames

Many councils require development approval for solar arrays not fixed flat to the roof. Engineering assessments, drawings etc.

Sustainable Energy Consulting bring 30 years of solar experience to your power requirements.

CEC Accredited for grid-connect design & supervise

CEC Accredited for stand-alone design & installation

12 years on the CEC Standards, Training and Accreditation committee

Solar System Consulting

Performance Assessment

Know what your system should be producing to see if you have a problem. System performance checks and design validation.


Installation supervision

Available to oversee installations to ensure compliance with all standards.